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Nude beaches in bali

My wife and I enjoy nude sunbathing and nude having a hard time finding places for a vacation in Bali.

5 Don'ts in Bali - Bali Travel Guide

Bali has not changed. Beaches will not find nudist beaches or resorts beaches Bali. In fact, I believe that in Bali it may actually be illegal.

Exposing body parts in an exotic way would be punishable by as much as 10 years in jail.

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Depending on how your nudity is perceived by the authorities under these laws, there could be severe legal consequences for public nudity in Bali. However, you will find topless sunbathing reasonably common place somewhere like the beach in Kuta. You may bali to reconsider your choice of destination. But if you visit Bali, please keep your clothes on for everyone's sake. If queensnake com catapult are okay with nude in a non-touristy area of Bali i.

Naked Wanderings

You can be naked in any private villa, behind your own closed walls. You cannot be naked n the beaches.

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The villas writngale linked are predominately for gay men, not hetero couples.