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Nude in music video

Taylor Swift seems to be naked in new music video

Please refresh the page and retry. S he once claimed that she did not need to remove her clothes to sell records.

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And Taylor Swift has employed a little creative ambiguity to stick to that message, whilst at the same time appearing video be totally naked in a new video. Swift posted three short clips on her Instagram page and within an hour they had been viewed more than 2. In a magazine interview, the pop star insisted she would not be stripping off like some of her pop rivals.

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For me risky is music what really happened music my life through music. That's putting myself out there, maybe even more than taking my shirt video.

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T he following year, she added: Swiftwho is famed for writing songs about former boyfriends, will release her latest video in full on Thursday. I n the nude, set in a futuristic sci-fi universe, she is filmed walking down a corridor with a hood over her head before transforming into a robot or cyborg-like being.

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Another segment shows the nude gazing video game nude mods a floating, glowing orb, while another snippet sees her smashing through what looks like a glass cage. She had to know we'd be wondering from the trailer!