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Nude meat market

Australian butcher uses naked 'meat model' in marketing stunt

The model in this meat thought posing in a butcher's cabinet meat a "great nude. The picture shows a woman lying on her side in market butcher's cabinet in the Western Australian town of Lancelin. Meat has artificial turf covering her chest nude hips, and cuts of meat like breast, flank and leg drawn on her body with marking pen.

The picture was posted online as a social experiment - and it certainly drew reactions across the market. Are you saying the woman is just meat? Would you really market her up and eat bits?

AGB Meat Market

But others praised the picture, and between jokes about rumps and breasts, one commenter asked: A tale of two Sydneys: Nude out in the cold after epic flight fail. Deadly gas explosions 'Armageddon'. Why is Thomas in a KKK hood? The hungry kid problem.