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Nude mod perfect world

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A Nude patch for all female player characters. Instead of the lingerie they wear nothing gigantic loads of cum underwear.

Perfect world nude patch

So you still can dress your toon in every fashion — or undress her completely, as you wish. Needed for mod installation.

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It will open DOS command line prompt. Unzip pwpack world this location for example C: Now you mod delete models. Go to your Perfect World directory, and copy stock models.

Perfect World Nude Mod{MODDED BY ME} - RaGEZONE - MMO development community

At this stage you may also backup original models. Paste it to directory with pwpack nude unpack, just in same way as you dit it with file from modpack. This is big file, so it may take minutes. Now you have unpacked models from Perfect World nude perfect, and you may replace them with nuded versions. Go to location with models. Filenames and folders are same in both.