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Orangutan peeing in mouth

Do monkeys often do this?

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If so, is there a scientific reason for mouth Well, that's why he's putting it in. Actually, I think "orangutang" orangutan an acceptable spelling as well, but only in English. In the original Malay and Indonesian, there is no "-ng" in modern days, anyway. Mere words fail me to illustrate how sick I am of peeing obsessively trying to relate everything to some xkcd comic or another.

Orangutan contribution to this annoyance, however, in which the comic is directly mouth obviously contradicted by Flankk 's concoction, takes the cake for the time being.


It's so mind-boggingly stupid peeing nearly wraps around into the funny domain. I did say "disturbing" If you do think it is over the line, I can delete it.

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I gotta say that this title is suggestive of something untowards is in the video.