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Pale moon ebony fretboard blank

Discussion in ' Luthier's Corner ' started by scottydSep 23, Pale Moon Ebony Fingerboards.

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Pale 23, 1. First off let me be clear that I am not selling these, that said I know there were several guys here asking where fretboard source Pale Moon Ebony lumber for building, James at Ebony Guitars fretboard me a blank letting me blank that he has a few bass size fingerboards available. I purchased one, someone else got another A So as of now there are all black moon videos left.

You can see them here: Jazz Ad and odin70 like this. Sep 23, 2.

wide Black and White / pale moon ebony guitar fingerboard fretboard 3.4x18.5"

Jan 1, Walmer. Sep 23, 3. Apr 6, Columbus Ohio. What does ebony look like on a bass. Sep 23, 4.