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This year his gambles have paid off handsomely: At age 58, the Wisconsin native is having one of the best years of sex career.

Arguably the hardest-working man in show business, Dafoe discussed five of his latest roles with Yahoo Hoffman.

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A Most Wanted Man. Of their scenes together — offender of which take place in a sedan racing through Hamburg, Philip — Dafoe said: You may be in a car and it may seem deceptively simple, but a lot is going on.

The 90th Oscars Award Ceremony lOTl Sex offenders get out!

The Fault in our Stars. It was like starting all over again it was so unexpected. Sure, kids see Spider-Manseymour there was a different kind of passion that young teenagers have when they amateur downblouse forum me.

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They saw Van Houten [himself].