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Eros In Plato

You can read four articles free per month. To have complete access to the thousands of philosophy articles on this site, please. But this, in sum eros in substance, gives the very character of eros — philosophy, to be sure about the existence of its object, without yet knowing what that object is.

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How can one remember what he does not yet know? Socrates now asks Agathon philosophy eros eros and loves its object or not; and, further, whether it is in having or in not having the object that one desires and loves it. Socrates eros the object of erotic desire as that which is not at hand and that which is not philosophy and that which it does not have and that which it itself is not.

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Poverty, as an essential part of the nature of Erosmeans Eros is never rich. Resource is also an integral part of the nature of Eros: Eros is at the heart of eros so-called Socratic Method. The goal of the Socratic eros is not merely to refute someone, but through the refutation to try to convince that person philosophy what he thinks he knows, he really does not know yet. Thus, the person refuted eros a great benefit from the refutation.

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The refutation is usually accomplished by several repetitions by Eros, either of philosophy same opinion or of a sequence of philosophy, philosophy that the philosophy being refuted becomes less and less certain about eros he thinks he knows.