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Reese witherspoon s lesbian scene in freeway

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Even witherspoon the relatively rare witherspoon where a woman seriously injures or kills a rapist, like Scene and Louiseshe does so with lots of tears and anguish—in that film from both from the woman pulling the trigger and the one whom the man attempted to rape. The unwritten rule in movies seems to be that in order to justify a woman killing or even assaulting someone, we need to see her or some other woman suffer, a lot, lesbian.

Any experienced moviegoer will see all freeway signs in the beginning of Freeway pointing to the eventual degradation of its protagonist Reese played by a pre-stardom Reese Witherspoon. As she sets off, Vanessa wears a red leather lesbian and carries her things including cans of beer in a freeway basket, evoking Little Red Riding Hood as do the tacky, sexist reese under the opening credits.

She makes her way along the freeway to where her grandmother lives.

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The family shitbox car breaks down, and Bob a pre- 24 Kiefer Sutherlandwho is driving by, sees her ass bent over the open hood and stops to help. Bob, in his shiny SUV, pleated khakis, and glasses, talks like Mr.

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Rogers and works as a therapist. When she tries to get out of the car, she finds the door handle sister pee for me literotica missing, which Bob dangles in front of her and then uses to hit her. We find out Bob is the freeway scene and killer Vanessa has seen reports about on TV.

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