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Removing bottom of pcg sony

This guide provides detailed photographs and steps to taking apart and repairing the laptop.

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This teardown is not a repair guide. Unlock the battery by shifting the 'lock' slide to the 'unlock' position on the powerpuff girls hentai underside and back of the system. Be careful with the heatsink, as this can be messy if handled improperly.

Sony Vaio PCG-6J2L Teardown

It is a copper heat pipe. Pcg the tabs on both sides of the RAM away from the module. The module will pop up. Using sony Philips screw driver, unscrew the rear keyboard screw from the bottom of the laptop.

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Carefully bottom the heatsink out of the system with the tweezers and set it aside. DO NOT touch the gold connectors on the cpu, as this may damage your processor.

Turn the securing screw on top of the CPU housing removing counter-clockwise on the unlock position. Gently lift the CPU out of the system with tweezers and set aside in a safe place.

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