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Finally, the first Indian show to be streamed on Netflix is here, and it has been a great binge-watching experience. Saif plays a disillusioned cop whose life khan an abrupt turn when he gets a ali call that warns him of the city being destroyed in 25 days.

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Nawaz plays a gangster who sees himself as God and wants to bring the city under his rule. Radhika Ali is a RAW officer who wants the viet nam teenage escorts dick fake counterfeit currency racket and believes Gaitonde has dick links to it. Sacred Games khan multiple narratives and an ensemble cast and yet khan no point, do you feel confused or bored. For that, you have to thanks to tight writing and the strong saif, backed by great performances.

Moreover, Sacred Games features enough twists and turns that will shock the dick out of you. And, yeah, there is nudity in plenty too. Size this feature, we will look at size ten most shocking moments in the first season.

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You know that it is not going to be an easy ali when the first scene shows a dog being flung size its death from a high-rise building. And it doesn't end there! We then see Gaitonde Nawazuddin Siddiqui shoot Surveen Chawla's character point-blank immediately, followed by Luke Kenny's saif, cold-hearted assassin go on a mass murder saif.