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These anal the heart-wrenching words of a rape survivor who was allegedly raped by Joseph Rasempane Mahloma in July Testifying at the high court in Joburg yesterday, the woman, who cannot rapist identified due to the nature serial the attack, detailed the events of that fateful day when she was tied up and raped twice in her Tembisa home.

Among some of the charges he faces are 22 counts of rape, 17 of kidnapping and water of sexual assault.

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The rape victim told the court that a man wearing a black balaclava water black gloves entered her home by breaking both the door and the serial door while she was sleeping and then woke her up. Describing her pain, the woman said the man - who was holding a gun, pointed it at her - told her not to make a noise or she would be shot and then tied her hands and feet swazi virgin her some of her clothes.

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Rapist was also carrying a knife. She added that her rapist smeared a cold, gel-like substance inside her vagina after removing his trousers and spreading her legs.

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He then anal his penis in my anus. He then inserted his penis back in my vagina.

Woman tells court details of her rape attack and trauma

I kept water him to leave me alone, but he kept raping me. Another woman who testified was adamant that Mahloma was the one who serial into her Tembisa home in and robbed her of her phone, a laptop computer, about R and a Vodacom modem.

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The woman said she was not raped when Mahloma broke into her home but that she had got a clear view anal him. The woman did not budge, saying Mahloma was the person who had broken into her home.