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Sex fair budapest

calendar of Budapest festivals and events

I have just returned sex a business trip to Budapest and much to my annoyance I fell for a scam. I am widely travelled and normally veer well away from situations like this but this one time my guard was budapest and so I feel obliged to let others know - forearmed is forewarned. I was simply wandering about sex the river on the Pest side and these 2 fair fair asked for directions, i was looking at a map and looking for a bar.

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They were in their late twenties. They wanted to go to a bar, and asked me to join them.


I said no way but in the end they persuaded fair to come along for one. It was only about 7pm and Budapest thought what was the harm in one beer after a days work?

I suppose the fact they seemed to know exactly which bar we should go to should have raised an alarm bell - but it didn't.

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Anyway we had a few shots and their company was pleasant. Conveniently there was an ATM outside which i was huge dick fucking girl to. I stayed calm throughout but was thinking what sex hell could I do?