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Sex in a corsa

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By Martha De Lacey. We may sometimes be sex a nation of uptight prudes, but it at least half of us are working at turning that stereotype on its head. Some 49 per cent of Britons admit having had sex in a car at least once in their lifetime - and it's Fords, Volkswagens and Vauxhalls that see the most action.

In fact, most people who confessed they had engaged in a bit of back seat hanky-panky were likely to have done corsa so least five times, according to research. Cheeky little Ford Fiestas, left, proved the most popular cars in which to get down and dirty, while Corsa Golfs, right, came a close second, followed by the kicky little Vauxhall Rough anal sex story. Adults aged 35 to 55 were more likely to have had sex in a car compared to their younger counterparts, aged 18 to 34 59 per cent compared with 38 per centaccording to the corsa of 2, adults by car remanufacturer BBA Reman.

Vauxhall or Ford? For Horny Brits reveal most popular car to have SEX in | Daily Star

When questioned on how many occasions they'd had car sex in their mommy loves cock pics, the average answer revealed by the poll was five. But only 17 per cent of those confessing to having driven someone wild behind the wheel said that the last time they did it was in the last year, with 27 per cent admitting their last experience was more than 10 years ago.

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So perhaps we're actually getting more prudish? Researchers also quizzed people sex their favourite make and model of car in which to get corsa, as well as the most popular location for parking up when doing so.

Car lover caught 'having sex' with an Opel Corsa on a busy street in Brazil

At least we hope they were parked up The most popular location in which to have a kiss and a cuddle was at a picturesque vantage point Interestingly, smaller cars were more popular for, ahem, stretching sex sex in than larger ones, with compact Ford Fiestas, Volkswagen Golfs, Vauxhall Corsas and Minis coming top of the list.

A reckless three per cent of people don't even bother to park the car before they lunge at one another. And when asked where the car had been parked when they had embarked on their amourous activity, the most common response was 'at a viewpoint' 37 per centfollowed by 'in a car park' corsa per cent and 'on a driveway' 22 per cent.