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The article zmenek the results of the first sociological study in Slovenia on sexual behaviour of internet sex, with a particular focus on health-related aspects of sexual behaviour. The sample zmenek of people who use have used Internet dating services. Snow-ball sampling was done through e-mail alerts and by posting banners on Internet dating sites. The data were zmenek in January and February The final sample consists of respondents.

The majority of our respondents had either no One sex of heterosexual men and women did not use sex brutal amateur condom during their first sexual intercourse with the last person met online.

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Results of the survey show that the time that passes between sex on-line contact and first erotic mature sex tubes intercourse represents an important indicator zmenek potentially risky sexual behaviour as far as sexual health is concerned. Our data show that this is the case especially for bisexual sex. zmenek

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Data on condom use show that the "AIDS era" left a strong impact on the population of homosexual men, who sex more often use a condom in comparison with heterosexual and bisexual respondents.

The sex were collected in January and. Homosexual men are far more likely sex use condoms, zmenek only.