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Sexual witchcraft ritual videos

Posted by Lady Hannah Feb 13, Blog 1.

Sex magic in witchcraft

Indeed this is the one aspect of Paganism, and the magical world in general, that is most often salaciously dragged through the tabloid press. Witches are not embarrassed of, or ashamed by ritual subject sexual sex. It is videos tits full of milk as videos perfectly normal and enjoyable and as something that should witchcraft celebrated and venerated.

After all, without it no human would exist. We owe our lives to sex and for some this seems to be a difficult thing to swallow.

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As is usually the case though, sex magic has been blown out of all recognition by certain sections of the media and some religious organizations that have a vested interest in demonizing Wiccans. As far as magical practice is concerned, ritual has much the same effect on sexual mind and the body as chanting and dancing.

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That is, it stimulates and raises large amounts of energy and at the same time has a calming effect on the mind.

Indeed, at the point of orgasm the mind tends to witchcraft forget itself.