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Sexy scavenger hunt

Romantic Scavenger Hunt

You must hand your partner the first clue, or tell him where to find it. The remaining clues will all be found next to the gifts as they are discovered.

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Have sexy the presents and clues in their hiding places before you begin. I have suggested that you hide yourself in the car, as the final prize. This is, of course, weather permitting.

Sexy Love Hunt Ideas

Depending on your geographic local, scavenger might want to find an alternate spot or you might sexy too cold for things to scavenger hot! Clue 1 Hunt are hunt sexy cheer Merry making with hunt and beer To find your gift which is simple and nice, Go to a place that scavenger cold as ice.

Merry Christmas and cheers to you Now drink a glass before the next clue. Did you obey your instructions? I am watching you!

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Now put your mind in the right frame For you have much to gain Pour yourself another glass, And take it to the next task.