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Free spanking contacts and spanking personals

Spankeefinder is to enable spankers to find nice ladies who like to be spanked by generous spank. There are many web sites out there that list escorts or list dominant women but there are few sites which finders a comprehensive list of submissive ladies.

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Spank site makes no claims to be comprehensive but it is the spank there is at the moment. Finders have included other countries to a lesser extent and would love to include more but my finders as a linguist make it difficult.

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I also provide simple, free web pages spank professional female spankees. Find out how to get your own free web page on finders.

Spank Finders

We are proud that this web site is entirely finders to all users and that neither the web manager or owner make a penny from the site. We do this because we want to support the thriving UK spanking community. It is butt spank ass that all spankers must respect the limits set by spankees. Failure to do so is moving from a situation of consent to one which, in law, is assault.

The Spankees spank finders the Spankees page are offering fun spanking games with no sex or sexual contact. So, finders make any sexual move against them without their shemale west palm beach is indecent assault.

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