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Starting up a lingerie business

Starting a retail lingerie store can be a fun adventure.

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Own Lingerie Business

The owner has the opportunity to buy and sell lingerie items business she has always wanted and passes this passion on to her customers. A startup business of any type needs to have enough initial capital to weather the early months with no sales until the business generates enough cash flow to break even.

The cost to start up a retail store varies across the country, but here's an example of opening a business in a moderate-cost neighborhood. The hypothetical business is called Lacy's Lingerie. The following figures are average business starting up a retail lingerie store:.

How to Start a Lingerie Business

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They are typical for a small shop in a midrange location. Note that these monthly operating expenses do not include any wages for the owner. The owner's expenses must be covered by other funds until the sales reach the breakeven point, and starting business begins to generate a lingerie cash flow.

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Opening a new business is a dream for many people, but it must be approached with a clear-eyed evaluation of the competition, the cost of startup, and a practical assessment of the likelihood of success.

Not starting enough funds at startup is a virtual guarantee of failure. Insufficient capital creates stress for the owner and causes her to make poor decisions. It's much better to have plenty of funds in a bank account at the beginning and be able to promote the business to a lingerie group of customers comfortably.

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