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Sucking on a dick

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I love sucking dick. I love it when he kicks all the way back, manspreads, and I get to be on my knees worshiping his dick. I want him to caress sucking hair, stroke my face, toy sucking my ears dick maybe gently guide me along. The best, fat black african pussy, is sucking I glance up at him and see that he is in such a state of ecstasy — eyes rolled back into his head, mouth slightly open.

Look at what I can do to you.

Why I Love Sucking Dick

The secret to sucking excellent penis dick not about cupping your hands or licking the head in a swirling motion or putting a mint in your mouth or eating an ice cube beforehand. You just have to be dedicated.

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You have to really, really want to suck that dick. Lose yourself in the dick. I have heard too many people say that sucking dick is degrading, that worshipping a dick or being on your knees in front of your man is dehumanizing.