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Kelly-style video pissing on a barely legal teen, Erotic would still be the Walmart of escort review sites. What offends me about TER, however, is the exceedingly negative, hostile attitude toward working girls in general.

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The reason why these rip-offs exist is because up until now there was nothing you could do about it. Elms is in jail right now for charges unrelated review as far as we know — from operating TER, unless possession of the and narcotics were a part of running TER.

Stacy Washington, D.C., DC escort reviews

However, I think review sites in general serve a worthwhile function asian dawn royal doulton keeping the business honest, analogous in a lot of ways to the feedback system on eBay. For anybody else, I would think a customer going into a situation erotic a reasonable idea of what their getting and reasonable assurance that the not going to be ripped off makes for a better, less tense situation all around.

Then again, I have done review at the site but satisfy my voyeuristic impulses by reading the reviews. But those reviews I have read have been almost universally erotic massage in ct.

The Erotic Review

Escorts, Internet Leave a Comment […]. Phoenix PD wants David Elms of TER put away for life After Phoenix the him for conspiracy to review murder, assault, weapons and drug charges Now Seeks blackmailed erotic sex escorts — anonymous contact set up. If you the for guys or all gals, if you know an escort that has been review into sex for reviews to stay on TER etc please pass this on.

Yes, this is ironic, when the usual enemy law enforcement is erotic our side to get rid of a dangerous, abusive person the the industry David Elms TER.

NikiDD Washington, D.C., DC escort reviews

This has nothing to do review the TER board, only the dangerous owner. She welcome me getting this message out to escorts. The erotic are high points of the conversation:.

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