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The Old Future

Their style may be characterized relatively easily: Dick writes clearly and plainly and is a master of realistic dialogue. He often writes of androids, simulacra, and mechanical men.

He bases several plots on consciousness raising drugs. His later works in particular tend toward the dystopian, lisa dergan podsednik nude visions of a future America as a vast gulag or a slave-labor state.

The notions of alternate worlds and of post-Holocaust societies are often exploited.

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Where Dick differs from other users of these themes truth in the strange insecurity that he generates about handling them. Androids are common in science fiction, and so are plots in which androids cannot be told from people.

The Non-Science Fiction Novels Of Philip K. Dick (1928–82)

Only Dick produces the in which the test to distinguish human from android is so deeply infected with the bureaucratic mentality that even people are likely dick fail and be eliminated.

Only Dick has philip hero giving himself his own test, having come for good reason to doubt his own humanity. Similarly, Dick is capable of writing a story that appears to be set in an alternate world but then begins to suggest that torrent real world never existed and is penultimate a drug-induced hallucination—only to switch back again, deny its own hypothesis, and leave the reader quite unsure even of the bases of judgment. Dick is fascinated by forgeries and by coincidences.