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Towel masturbation for men

Baggie baller I take a Masturbation baggie, fill it half full with hot water, squeeze towel air out, zip it, fold it in half, put it in between mattresses or couch cushions, and fuck away. It's better men it breaks as you come.

Towel Masturbation for men

Pillow talk I take a small plastic bag that you can get from a supermarket. Roll it up in a pillow. Squirt some lotion down it then fuck it hard. I like to do this in hot girls asian of a mirror.

Towel Hump

Some times I stick a banana up my arse. This makes me cum so hard. Pussy bath I like to call this a pussy bath: Get a plastic sandwich bag and some KY Jelly. Lay the bag on the floor, and then put as much jelly on the bag as you want. I usually use half a bottle, just because it feels good. Just lie on top the bag and hump for.