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Uncensored shark attacks caught on tape

While filming bull sharks, a shark specialist gets a bite on the calf.

Great White Shark Attack -- Insane Video

A double great white shark attack is caught on tape. Two sharks attack a year-old surfer, one after the other. Amazingly, he survives to tell the tale.

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A great white shark attacks a small inflatable boat with a man inside. What provoked the shark's appetite for destruction? A "shark whisperer" scuba guide in Key Largo loves to kiss nurse sharks--until one bites his pursed lips. - The Bloodiest Shark Attacks On Humans And Scariest Encounters MUST SEE

Just off the coast of Massachusetts, a shark fisherman gets pulled into the water and back under his boat when a ravenous shark refuses to be reeled in. A young girl is attacked while on vacation.

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She reveals the actual footage from the day of the attack.