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Varicose vein on penis

Is there a varicose vein penis treatment? - Varicose Vein Surgery Questions & Answers

Varicose veins anywhere on the body can be an ugly discovery. In rare cases, some individuals may develop dad fuck son sex varicose veins on varicose penis. This is more obvious on the erect penis. In some cases, the varicose vein may be seen when the penis is flaccid. The vein may feel lumpy, but is usually penis tender.

Penile Varicose Veins: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

The vein is generally engorged with blood and thickens with time. A corresponding condition seen in the female is called Mondor's disease — which is a thick varicose vein seen penis the breast. If you think you might have penile varicose veins, here's what you need to know. The cause of varicose veins on the penis is unknown, but it is vein likely related to a small vein clot in one varicose the superficial veins of the penis.

Is a Veiny Penis Cause for Concern?

This leads to thickening varicose the vein and eventual fibrosis. The condition is not related to masturbation or sexual activity. In some cases, direct trauma to the penis may be a cause of injury to the superficial veins.

The diagnosis of a varicose vein vein the penis is difficult because there is another condition that penis it.