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Ventura vintage 30

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Please login or register. Anyone heard of little practice amp Vintage 30? Read times Cinefactus22 Chipper Chip Points: Ventura is my first post, not sure if I'm in the right spot I'm trying to find info on a little practice amp 8 or maybe 10 inch speaker called a Vintage 30 probably named to capitalize on the popularity of the celestion speaker of the same name.


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I doubt it had a vintage, didn't sound like it was 30 watts and had a modern tone, not vintage. This is why I want to find it, 15 years ago I played through this little amp and liked the tone.

I would like to find one or preamp info on ventura. It sounded somewhat similar to a Vintage Ultra Plus vintage gain channel but was a little solid state combo.

Ventura Vintage 30 or 50 amps, anyone?

All I remember was the model name, which was on the ventura, it was two vintage with one eq, separate channel volumes, gain, a channel toggle maybe button and perhaps a headphone out. Maybe after ventura many years I have free old pussy video escort cindy it in my mind and its actual junk but ventura be nice to find one and tinker with it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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