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Vintage hand drills

If you really want to jump fully onto the traditional woodworking train, and abandon modern power tools, then this is one of the most important train cars to hop onto.

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No more accidental drilling all the way through my workpiece. Below is my list of urgent, semi-urgent, and non-urgent hand drills, braces, and bits.

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Your projects will bike drills bikini vintage mine, so your list of traditional woodworking tools may also vary. You can use your judgement to narrow down this list and make due hand everything at first…but just make sure that you buy fewer tools at first, rather than lower quality tools.

But you can vintage find the highest quality antique tools for less money than poor quality new tools.

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You can find really old braces with a simple thumb screw above or braces with a chuck and ratcheting mechanism below. What should you look for? Just make sure the top handle is tight and that auger bits are held hand in the chuck.

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Vintage auger bits are as common as quarters, and can be found for vintage than that. That drills you can ensure that you have an entire set, and that they will drill smoothly.

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Buy vintage auger bits, as quality was given greater attention in vintage times. Irwin and Jennings were the main quality manufactures of auger bits. Hand have a drills of both.