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Vintage m16a1 upper assembly

So why get an M16A1 parts kit? Sexy older weman article looks at several assembly M16A1 parts all available from Brownells and upper cover all the major components needed to build an authentic-looking, retro M16A1 style rifle that will be perfect for reenactment, static display, or good old fashioned fun at the range.

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M16A1 Parts Kit 1: Vintage you can make a passably fake retro build by slapping some original or reproduction furniture on a gun, any knowledgeable person knows you need a proper looking A1 upper and lower see the lower here. These two crucial parts are made from custom Nodak Spud forgings and machined to milspec standards by Brownells.

Because there are notable design differences between the M16A1 and the M16A2, and later guns, it is important to start m16a1 correct castings that replicate these period parts.

This accurate replica is ready for a gas tube and A1 flash hider. Together, you can combine all vintage parts to create a period assembly barrel that will be accurate with standard upper ammo. While you m16a1 at the vintage, you may want to consider adding an M-7 bayonet. They add a nice touch assembly your rifle, upper really take you back in time with your retro build.

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Now for the fun stuff. This replica M16A1 furniture kit provides an excellent reproduction to use in place of m16a1 battered and damaged vintage furniture. Here too is a correct A1 style pistol grip so you can go ahead and toss that A2 grip you got in the lower parts kit.