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Vintage walk behind ice resurfacer

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Zamboni was inquisitive, high school dropout. Zamboni was inquisitive, high school dropout by Mike G.

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What's in a name? Can you imagine if the Zamboni instead was called "The Paramount?

Zamboni was inquisitive, high school dropout

That's the year Frank Zamboni, the man who invented the famous ice resurfacer we see on every sheet of ice across the globe, contemplated calling his company The Paramount Engineering Company, after vintage city he helped name in But, as the story ice, Paramount Engineering Company already had resurfacer taken, so he opted to name the company after himself, knowing full-well there'd be no contradicting a name that belonged to him.

Zamboni, incidentally, is a federally registered trademark of Frank J.

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How does the Zamboni work? The basic process involves the machine's sharp blade, which shaves a thin layer of ice as screw conveyors augers rotate above the blade to remove the shavings.