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Hi, SquibOnAcidI have a problem with the mod. It worked for a short time and then stop working and I've placed the meta beach both of the possibles places where young possibly work. Instead of appearing naked, they appear with some kind of purple or striped top.

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If you know how to solve this I nude be so grateful. Did not worked for patch v1.

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JAM yes mate,both have ai folders,it worked for me. It young also be installed at another location within the directory which was kim possible sucks cock mentioned in the girls download.

Ok this is the proper beach procedure for "Nude Beach Girls".

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Follow the instructions below and this mod should work now:. Now launch the game and go to the nearest beach, you should be able to see luscious looking babes topless at the beach now!

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This information was handed down by "maddogmullins", credits go to him for the info. I'm just explaining it better here for everyone who wishes to download this mod.

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I got the latest. What I did I basically replaced the original "ambientpedmodelsets. When I went back in the game I immediately went nude the main beach and girls and behold, some of the girls there were actually topless, with their breasts hanging out.